NCA logo

The NCA's flag and battle emblem.


The Nationalist Corporate Alliance, or NCA for short, serves as a private military contractor based off the continent of Isenphel.   The entire continent serves as a home base for unit production and to house the five active Defiance Supercarrier fleets the NCA has active.

About the NCAEdit

The NCA formed as a merger between four major military corporations in order to ensure their survival.  Ares Advanced Weapons Systems, Brenton Motor Works, Retrodynamics Aerospace engineering, and Waveline shipyards all teamed up to bring the fierce battlefield weapons the NCA fields into existance.  These corporations work for hire by the highest bidder, offering tactical planning, lend-lease forces, and even full military intervenion.

Operations ProtocolEdit

The NCA operates on a best offer service plan.  We will side with whichever nation offers us the highest payment in return for our services.  We will not, however, trade sides in the face of a better offer.  We can be persuaded to leave a conflict with an offer of direct payment but otherwise, we will not change sides purely by bribery.

Any nation who wishes to hire us need not pay up front.  We only require payment after a conflict is over.  THe best part is, if you lose, you pay nothing.  We have a victory guarantee that if you lose with our help, you are void of all debts to the NCA.


Our prize  force is  the Defiance supercarrier task force.  We plan to maintain five of these forces at any given time.

NCA Defiance Supercarrier

The NCA Defiance Supercarrier

We rely on naval and air superiority as well as lighter, easier to deploy land forces to project our force on the battlefield.  Our Defiance, pictured above, is the heart of our force projection and is the core of all NCA operations abroad.

Some other examples of our force include our Phalanx light tank drones, designed for all terrain and amphibious combat, and our massive air force spearheaded by our new Cobra Gen 7 fighter and our FB-155 Thunderhawk fighter-bomber.