Federated Nations of Kravon
Some attributes
Name of Leader Intellectual development organisation
Type of Government Federation
Population 2.450000
Currency Kravonian
Exports Scrap metal
Allies None
Number of Territories Owned 3

The Federated Nations of Kravon is a country formed around 124 A.B. It is located in the South-Western hemisphere of New Babylon. Not much is know about this place, since it´s populace is vey xenophobic. 


Before the Great War it is known that the land was covered with jungles and grasslands. However due to the fallout caused by the Great War it became a giant wasteland with some small pockets of jungles formed from nuclear fungus. Some rivers still flow trough the country, even though they still retain a small amount of radiation. 

Currently the jungles also consists of normal plants. The capital Tyrg is located next to the largest oasis. 


The population of the FNK can be described as three seperate groups, all share some common traits.

The first group are the farmes. 33% of the population perform labor in some archicultural sense. 

The second group are the factory workers and scavengers. Since the country lacks a decent infrastructure, people need to rely on scavenging the ruines of the ancient cities for valuables. This group and the first are mostly described as the proletariat. 

The third group is know as the Intellectual development organisation' (IDO). This group organized relativly late. It's mission is to create a more powerfull nation, which would be able to defend itself. Only the brightest people of the FNK are allowed to join the IDO. This group acts as overseer in the FNK. 

These groups all have their xenophobic beliefs in common. Since they do not trust any outsiders the IDO faces a difficult task of rebuilding the country without any outside help.


The economy of the FNK is self-sufficient. They do not import goods, nor export them. This also has to do with the Xenophobic nature of the civilians of the FNK. Since the country lacks a decent infrastructre to transport goods it's almost impossible to trade with cities located in other provinces. The IDO promised to rebuild the infrastructure to increase economic growth. 


The military of the FNK is made up out of pre-war equipment which some dating over 200 years back. Therefore many vehicles are high maintance, and the military is only used to defend it's borders. No standard uniform was made, and the military has not produced any new weapons (only existing ones). However this also makes the military very cheap and expendable. 

Even tough the IDO denies this, but there are rumors of so called 'Region-Reapers'. These seem to be machines made to literally destroy everything in their path. It would make sense that these Region Reapers are used to recycle old material, and use it for their infrastructure, since the IDO said they would invest in this. However this is still speculation.

Some examples of the military units of the FNK