The EFCF is  Capitalist Country that is lead by Presiden Zacc Byster, desendant of the founding leader of the EFCF Lyon Byster. The country follows the same asspacet of the Consitution of America. The EFCF is a faction the lets the people have their freedom. The EFCF welcomes all people that do not mean harm to its people.

Edenor Federation Colailtion Forces
Some attributes
Name of Leader Zacc Byster
Type of Government Capitalist
Population 15,225,100
Currency EFCF dollor
Exports Steel, Beef, Copper, Brass, Wine, Crab, Trout, and Fur
Allies Landsknechte Republic
Number of Territories Owned 8
DEFCON Level 5

Edenor Fenderation Coliation ForcesEdit

ECF Flag1

Flag of the EFCF

The EFCF is a capitalist country the will aid any country with natural disaster, Famine, and with the agreement with its allies, war. The foundation for the EFCF is laid down when Lyon and a couple others found the constitution of america somewhere in the Heloran Mountains. From there Lyon was able to get enough people to agree with him to make a country that is the sister of the old USA.


The currency is the EFCF Dollor. The taxes are 35% and dispite that , the money is used for stuff like socal secreity and Medic insurace. The exports of the EFCF is Beef, Steel, and wine as main exports. For the Beef and wine, a large area was found that had very fertile land that has the perfict requirements for making wine.


EFCF militiary is a large but well trained military. The standard soldier is issued a standard M4-223 Assault rifle and M92-12 Colt Handgun. but more firearms will be used by soldiers that are trained in differant areas. The EFCF is a weak airforce but powerfull Ground and Naval forces. The EFCFs most powerfull ship is the Experimental Aircraft Battlesubmarine Posiden. The posiden has a small aircraft carrier copacity of 50-70 aircraft hence Experimental unit.
1 underwater

Posiden under the ocean surface.

The Largest aircraft carring capacity is the Golem-Class super carrier with 80-120 aircraft. The EFCF will also deploy other naval ships such as the Spear-Class Missile Submarine and Hammer-class Missile Destroyer. The EFCF Ground forces reley on Heavy armor and heavy assault weapons such as the T-666 Helbent Command tank and the Titan-class Siege Assualt Mech.