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CGM-67 A.N.S Discovery a MK III challenger class

The Challenger class of guided missile corvettes (CGM) is the Atlantic Navy's first fully dedicated surface combatant. built around the SUSRS1 radar system and the MK 48 5" rapid fire cannon. The Challenger corvettes are one of the fastest surface vessels in the AUDFs arsenal.


The Challenger class corvettes are some of the smallest ships of the AUDF, measuring in at only 300-306 feet. the small size was due to the A.Ns requirement for a small, fast, mauaverable and stealthy combat platform capable of performing stealth infiltration missions that larger ships could not do. The multi-mission platform made gave the challenger the capability to take on enemy ships much larger than itself. the corvettes incorporate redundant electronics and hull design elements giving it a high survivability rate. The class also incoporates a regenerative hybrid electric engine which gives it a top speed of over 50 knots in calm conditions, and 45 knots in sea states 2-4.

Operational historyEdit

Challenger class vessels have been used as patrol ships and interception ships. some have been assigned as carrier fleet escorts to supplement the Enterprise class destroyers. (CGM-21 - CGM-67 are all designated carrier escorts) CGM-68 - CGM-85 are assigned to patrol sqadrons, CGM-1 - CGM-5 are operating alone as a stealth early warning and interception force. while the rest are running joint operations with NCA and EFCF fleets.


The lead ship of the class A.N.S Challenger was commisioned prior to the formation of the ODF. Following the creation of the new alliance the NCA recommended some changes to the Challenger to make it more efficient and more combat effective. CGM-2 - CGM-10 were the MK IA corvettes which added more missiles and a smaller radar dome, CGM-11 - CGM 40 were the MK II corvettes which had more missiles but a slower speed due to the heavier loads and CGM-41 - CGM 85 were the MK III corvettes which had a lower missile capacity but had a much higher top speed and were equipped the new ALDS system.