The Atlantic Union Defense Force or AUDF for short is composed of the Atlantic navy, Atlantic union army and Atlantic Union Air Force. The AUDF is a volunteer force and has a total active strength of 248,000 with over 50,000 personnel in reserve service.
AUDF flag new

flag of the AUDF


A large portion of the AUDFs military production goes to the navy, around 50% of all funds go to the navy, 30% goes to the army and the remaining 20% goes to the Air Force and various other expenses.


the AUDF navy has 281 destroyers, corvettes, carriers, submarines and various other support ships at its disposal. the fleet is currently composed of five carrier battle groups, several destroyer squadrons, three patrol squadrons, and five independent warships with the rest of the fleet mothballed or in the reserves.

current carrier battle groups:

  • Tripoli carrier battle group
  • Constellation carrier battle group
  • Valley Forge carrier battle group
  • Nevada carrier battle group
  • Intrepid carrier battle group

current active destroyer squadrons(DESRON)

  • Enterprise battle group
  • Excelsior battle group
  • Centurion battle group
  • Armstrong battle group
  • Explorer battle group
  • Cortez battle group
  • Kennedy battle group

current active patrol squadrons

  • Lake Eerie patrol group
  • Lake Ontario patrol group
  • Lake Superior patrol group

current active independent warships

  • A.N.S Challenger
  • A.N.S Atlantis
  • A.N.S Columbia
  • A.N.S Endeavor
  • A.N.S Federation


The AUDF army is composed of 9,400 troops and multiple types of tanks, artillery, drones, and armored vehicles. the AUDF plans to upgrade the army with new railgun artillery pieces, tanks, and drones.

Air ForceEdit

The AUDF air force is still under development, currently composed of 90 light helicopters 16 transport helicopters and a combined total of 75 fighter aircraft. several projects are currently under development to bring the AUDF air force up-to-date with other nations.